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Progress so far with the Beverley Travis Natural Laxative Mixture

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A selection of dried fruits to include Prunes, Peaches, Dates, Apricots and Apple rings.Just a quick post as this is my second day taking the Beverley-Travis mixture and I’m utterly shocked to find that I quite like it! I have never regularly eaten prunes, figs or dates in the past as sadly together with marzipan they are perhaps some of the things I’ve simply been unable to like. So if the thought of this fills you with dread as it did me its definitely worth giving it a try. (I should also mention that I had some craisins lying around and added those too to mine as I hoped they would add a flavor I liked so I’m not sure how much they are improving things but I figured an addition would be ok!) Similarly I’m sure it would be ok to tweak the ingredients and/or add other dried fruits.

Whats it like?

My Beverley-Travis mixture

My Beverley-Travis mixture

Its really sweet and as its refrigerated the flavor isn’t overpowering but it really isn’t unpleasant! I would say the closest thing I have tasted is sweet mince meat filling but without any alcohol and again its nowhere near as strong chilled – just in case anyone can’t abide mine pies! The craisins have given a little sharpness and a berry zing which is really nice as it is very sweet. Its helped any sweet cravings I had for sure and as all the sugars are natural I would guess this is far superior to a processed chocolate bar etc. I also think the texture has helped as I have this something akin to a coulis/mousse which again is also making it more pleasant. Again I can’t believe I’m even contemplating this but I’m thinking of trying it with yoghurt and also perhaps instead of jam in some little tarts so will experiment more and publish any results which are promising! Also feel it would be good with ice cream  and something like a brandy snap? as I’m not sure how easy it would be to get younger children to take it in this form?

Results so far…

I know this isn’t ideal but having been taking Movicol, Lactulose and more recently Bisacodyl etc since my operation I have had little breaks as call me a big girl but I get fed up with looking pregnant without the benefit and I’ve found having a few days off it has helped this and given me a bit of relief. I’m not advocating in any way going against a doctor’s instructions but as I’m reporting results I feel I should be honest. I used all fully before starting this to ensure I was as clear as I could be and so far I’ve not had to re-instate them. (I saw my consultant for my post-op check-up and while I felt ok she didn’t seem overly impressed when she examined me so I guess the iron-clad test will be, if I can maintain this more natural route, how I check out when I next see her in the new year.) Generally in terms of that type of discomfort things have started to improve so I’m really hopeful I’ll be able to keep this up. (Please note I am also taking Lepicol and Triphala Plus so I will need to stop and start these if everything works to see what I can attribute the most effect.)


Beverley Travis Natural Laxative Mixture Recipe Rating: 2.5

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This is the recipe for the Beverley Travis Natural Laxative Mixture I am about to trial. I found this together with a lot of other useful information on the NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries website. You will please find a link below.

Had my first taste tonight and was pleasantly surprised as its not half as bad as it looks! It needs to be kept refrigerated and I’ve made enough for 3-4 days as I hope thats about the right length of time to keep a batch. Keeping it cool also helps lessen the strength of the taste which, if like me, prunes aren’t top of your list of foods is no bad thing. I’ll keep you posted on how this works for me. I should also mention I’m also trying Lepicol and Triphala Plus and will update a bit more on these this week.

Raisins 1 cup
Pitted prunes 1 cup
Figs 1 cup
Dates 1 cup
Currants 1 cup
Prune concentrate 1 cup
Combine contents together in grinder or blender to a thickened consistency. Store in refrigerator between uses.
Dose: 2 tablespoons twice a day. Increase or decrease dose according to consistency and frequency of bowel movements.